Monday, 16 August 2010

Thinking about art

Went to (another) good exhibition at the local Fuchu Museum of Art – this time a children's show for the summer holidays. No childish pieces though, just observational tests (along the lines of "Is this painted from a house, a boat, a cloud…? etc) of some "challenging" art and different ways to make you observe. One room had four large paintings, which, with a random spin of a pointer, you selected one to stick your PostIt note comment on. Another room had A4 copies of work (a male nude, camels, a shadow of a photographer…) which you could trace or copy freehand. The third room included a large painting made by the artist hitting the paper with inked boxing gloves. Not over-crowded, but a significant number of children being taken round by families and participating. All for ¥400 (£3). You could even wear a free pair of pop-art paper glasses (above).

Later this year the Museum celebrates 10 years in existence. Long may it continue.

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