Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer, heat (and film-developing)

The good thing about the Japanese summer is it's festival time. This weekend was the local junior school's bon-odori festival: kids wear summer kimono etc; younger and older siblings hang out as do parents and grandparents. There's dancing round the central drummers, game- and snack- stalls around the perimeter. It's evening so the temperature has dropped a little. (That's the bad thing about the Japanese summer – heat, humidity and more heat.)

Also went to the beach this weekend with some friends visiting from Europe. We left very early, but at 6am on a long-weekend's Sunday in Shinjuku it was already crowded – with people starting a day trip, clubbers who hadn't got home (or sobered up) and for some reason a businessman scanning a report (6am, Sunday? a long weekend?). It was hot at the beach, but I tried out my "new" Polaroid camera and the Impossible Project's film at both the festival and beach. Ideal developing temperatures are, it says, 17-25C degrees and the film just doesn't really make it in a Japanese summer (where the temperature was 28C when I woke up this morning and heading to about 34), so the results are so far not good. Therefore, though, there is an accidental feel of 50 years ago – should you want that!

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