Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Photos of a time without cameras (and places where they're not allowed)

…more from The New Yorker's Photo Booth blog. I'm going to have to stop linking… and just suggest anyone checking here, checks there regularly. Love these portraits of historical re-enactors taken with an old plate-camera. Years ago, I was commissioned to take a summer of events in England of these sorts of re-enactings. People are fully into it, and it's quite fascinating. (Mine was just a reporting job in which English Heritage kept all the slides. Nothing like this wonderful selection by E.F. Kitchen from her book, Suburban Kinghts. Have to say, judging by the cover, I'm not impressed with the book design however…)

While you're on the Photo Booth blog, check the "spy" photos, by Trevor Paglen from his book Invisible, of a few days previous. Come to think of it, these two make a strange coupling – recreating a time without photos, photographing a place from a distance, where cameras are not allowed.

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