Thursday, 29 July 2010

Japanese film: pt 2

(Notes on Japan through design: 5 - Film)

It was going to see The Bourne Inception (in which Leonardo diCaprio replaces Matt Damon and fights for his identity in dreams instead of reality: at least I think that's what it was, they seemed to have missed "The Bourne" out of the title) that made me think I should do a couple posts on the film experience in Japan. After mentioning the upcoming Ghibli earlier this week, I thought it worth noting that there is so much more effort in both promotion and its combining with film goods within the cinema in Japan than there is in the UK, for example. My local cinema is not alone in having a product shop – mobile phone straps, characters, 3D-image hand fans for Toy Story 3, books, cards, posters, brochures…

But even without a shop, many films are promoted with brochures, and all with B5 leaflets, a single page or a folded 4-pages. Usually just the poster and a synopsis etc, occasionally just a tad more. Here an upcoming anime, Colorful, gets two poster alternatives and an image made of quotes from the film. (Each poster is pretty neat.) Even the upcoming Karate Kid gets a 2-page spread guide to an exercise aimed at children (which you can follow through on YouTube – join in after 30 seconds or follow the guide in print.)

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