Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Artist of the floating world

Today sees the launch and launch concert of first-time-as-solo singer Alicia. I designed and illustrated her CD jacket etc. The single is called Ukiwa (浮き輪), which means "float" (as in "rubber ring"). So I managed to get my credit as "Ukiwa-e by…",  or "float picture by…", which is obviously a pun on ukiyo-e (floating-world picture). Oh, the satisfaction of making a pun in a foreign language – even if it only works for me.

Anyway, there's only a small Hokusai wave, but a sensual surrounding sea, I hope. It's being promoted as a summer "beer song", so I also had to take a photo of Alicia guesting at a beer festival which showed her and the beer and audience. Trickier than you may think, since she only did a couple of songs and the audience was below her stage. Fortunately she had two spots, so, between appearances, consulting with the MC to promote a "cheers to Alicia" gesture, and the audience having drunk plenty of beer before the second appearance, resulted in a few successful shots. (Someone has uploaded a short video of the event dubbed with the recorded song here.) Alicia's a really nice person: so all luck in launching the song and her appearance tonight at Sweet Basil.

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