Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Skytone [©]

This was on my work web site a while ago, but wasn't around long before I changed the site. I found it again the other day and thought I should re-upload it.

Looking at the sunset from the balcony of my place I thought – not very originally, it's true – "You can't get those colours in print." At that time the sky was turning a bright yellow via a strip of green, all accompanied with fantastic cloud colour. Then I realised I have taken many sky and cloud photos (being a card-carrying cloud appreciator), so I do have those colours. The colours above are cropped from photos of the sky and clouds. All these colours are, therefore, actually from the sky, from unaltered sky photos. And one unchanged clipping of Fuji at sunset, on the horizon just visible from the balcony. Still think the sky is only blue?

Click for a larger image.

(…the © is not serious.)

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