Thursday, 17 June 2010

Japan heads list…

Above, Distance 

Empire magazine has their 100 top films not in the English language. Categorising films is often difficult, but "not in the English language" always seems a particularly strained category. Nevertheless, it's a curious list to look through and a decent selection.

Except… no. 1 is Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, and his films appear a few more times. Am I alone in wondering what the attraction of Kurosawa is? Never really got it myself. In terms of Japan, Kore-eda doesn't get a look-in, although both Nobody Knows and Distance would make it for me. Studio Ghibli gets a couple (Totoro should be higher up, but the Studio's Tombstone for the Fireflies, which doesn't appear and is not directed by Miyazaki, heads its output for me). No Suzuki Seijin either – Gates of Flesh? And In the Realm of the Senses would be in there, as would Woman of the Dunes.

Otherwise, from elsewhere in the non-English-language-speaking-world (see the difficulty in even writing the category down!), I'd include Etre and Avoir; Talk to Her; The Return; The Turner of Pages; Spring, Summer Autumn, Winter… and Spring; Tropical Malady; The Scent of Green Papaya; and not some of the "classics" which do make it in, like Suspiria or Wages of Fear. But that's just me. You can see my 100 top films, for what their worth, here.

Of course, that's the thing with lists – they're there for you to disagree. Meanwhile, each web page on the list doesn't fit on my 24-inch screen, there's no overall view of the list, and clicking through 100 pages takes time even on my super-fast, optical connection. Ah, the downside of the joys of the internet.

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