Thursday, 24 June 2010

Facing death and other stories

London's National Portrait Gallery is one of my favourites in London (when I'm there). Twice a year there are regular award exhibitions – the BP Award for painted portraits (sponsorship that could end soon!) and the Taylor Wessing Award for photographic portraits (which used to be the John Kobal Award – I had a portrait exhibited in that some 15 years back)

Always rewarding shows from an always rewarding gallery. The BP Award is on now – I'll just have to make do with seeing this small selection on The Guardian's site. The winner, Daphne Todd's, memorable painting was of her mother, deceased.

This year's photo show was earlier this year.

Update, Friday 25th: I thought the sponsorship might end because BP falls apart, but it seems people are protesting BP's sponsorship on some "principle". Difficult – where would London art be without the Tate Gallery? Where would the Tate company have been without sugar? Where would sugar be without slavery? You don't want to take blood money, or environmentally-challenged money, but …

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