Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Robert's work, left. A piece by Emily, right

My "home" country, the UK, is a pretty tolerant place on the whole. But that's not a comfort to any who experience its frightening opposite. A racist attack, perhaps – of which there are thankfully fewer and fewer – or in the case of 20-year-old Sophie Lancaster, being beaten to death for dressing differently. It's an almost unfathomable thing in most people's everyday life, but not on that occasion for Sophie and her boyfriend Robert Malby who were beaten by teenagers simply because of their Goth appearance. Sophie tried to protect her boyfriend from the attack taking place on him, and "succeeded" in that he survived his injuries while she did not.

Robert currently has an art exhibition in Manchester of moving paintings he made in response to the attacks and her death, ‘Crimson Iris: The Art of Sophie’.

On a somewhat "connected" theme (any detail of the issues involved is beyond the range of this blog), American student and budding artist Emily Henochowicz was in Israel where she was protesting the attacks on the flotilla to Gaza yesterday when she was shot in the eye by troops and had to have her eye removed. Her art is on her blog: the last entry, on Sunday, before she was hospitalised is here. By a saddening coincidence, the logo for her profile, naturally enough for an artist, was the eye below.

Best wishes to both artists.

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