Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Someone got out the wrong side of bed

It's always entertaining to see how people see things Japanese from the "outside" (which I guess often includes us who live here as foreigners). Here a New Yorker illustrator and designer gets angry with Hello Kitty.

Funny how Kitty brings out the bad in people – or rather people want to bring out the bad in her. One man even has a blog in rebellion at her cute overload –

When she's bad, people tend to give her an angry expression, though since she has no expression, perhaps she's already feeling angry. Do we need to add it – she'd be perhaps more scary in calm-faced anger? Anyway, meanwhile, officially, (most obviously) Hello Kitty will never be evil, but she can be a punk. Her site says: "Hello Kitty proved to us that she can be anything we wanted her to be, and that includes being wild, adventurous and... punk."

Now you know.

Via Watashi to Tokyo

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