Friday, 9 April 2010

MyView on the iPad

This week I'm quoted in Tokyo's English-language magazine Metropolis about what designers might think of the iPad. Well, what I might think of the iPad – designers will have differing opinions, of course.

Basically, I put forward that it's not, initially, a product for design, but for general consumption. And whether designers want it or not will not differ much from anyone else's desire (or not) to have one. Whether we will be designing for the iPad is as yet an open question. People are already designing magazines etc to be read on it, but whether that will take off will depend on-yet-to-be-discovered general sales, not something designers will be in charge of.

Perhaps I'm a bit cautious – but, like everyone, I can't see the future! Personally, I like the idea but can't think of a use to warrant my buying one as yet. After all, firstly, I have to update my (Mac) work computer, a computer which I will be designing on not for.

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