Thursday, 18 March 2010

Toyota - the writing's on the floor

This seemed a good a way as any to mention Toyota on a design-biased blog. This is a few months old, but considering the news around the car manufacturer, it would probably find that a lighter story wouldn't go amiss. iQ is a font made by designers Pierre and Damien - plus a software developer and a professional racer - using a Toyota (stopping and starting with complete accuracy) to sketch out letters on a warehouse floor. The end result is both good and downloadable for free. Watch the video for a full explanation:

In a similar vein (that is, of creating lettering by using a different design starting point than the usual), Mary Huang blogged last month about her typeface which shifts according to your facial position. Watch this video for more details:

She's also working on a downloadable version.
Toyota's company troubles are, meanwhile, covered in an article from the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan in-house magazine this month with opinions from Japan-based foreign auto-correspondents, for which this was my simple cover design...

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