Saturday, 6 February 2010

50 reasons why Tokyo is best....

CNN comes up with its reasons here. Finding 50 reasons for any city to be "number 1" is tricky, so the journalist(s) do OK here. It's part of a series of cities, so this is an argument for Tokyo rather than claiming it's best. (Monocle placed it fourth!)

Any Tokyoite will find reasons missed off or won't agree with inclusions (as a Londoner originally, claiming Tokyo's parks as a reason for its greatness is like claiming London's safety: both are relatively true, though each would clearly win over the other in such categories.)

For me, missed off are multiple small restaurants or bars: 6, 8, 12-seater places (being introduced to one curry place in Sangenjaya, finding a soba place with ume-flavoured soba locally, being shown into a kabuki-fan-only, unsignposted gay bar etc. All unique.) And - even in an expensive city - being able to live reasonably well for small money (100 yen shops, convenience stores, affordable restaurants etc)

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