Saturday, 30 January 2010

In Japan, No more...

Seems that this short film screened before movies in cinemas in Japan (it's a warning about not secretly recording the film and the legal consequences if you do) could be having an effect. I hadn't thought much of it, except expecting it at each screening and noticing that you don't forget it, something verified when I realised it had made its way into popular culture when a guest on a TV show mimicked that angular body movement (especially when the spotlight hits the video/human hybrid) and everyone got the reference.

Then last week I went to the cinema with a nine-year-old who turned away from the screen when it came on because watching it was disturbing and sort of scary. A good reaction, perhaps, if you want to get a message across to the next generation to not do something. Meanwhile, it's entering the culture in the way that, back in the UK and for my generation (growing up with cinema in the 70s or 80s), the music for cinema-ad company Pearl and Dean did. Try forgetting either.

(By the way, 147,000 people have watched this on YouTube. I hope it was put up by someone with access to the ad rather than copied surreptitiously in the cinema!)

UPDATE: April 18, 2010: New, ironic, version released in the cinemas

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